Secret Garden

Secret Garden

🎧: Secret Garden

  • [The Looking Glass] – The Butterfly House with Lounger;  Weather Vane, Hibiscus Pots; Hanging Baskets; Ground Cushion; Frangipani Pots; Daisy Pot @ Swank
  • [TLG]  – Spring Log Planter for Staurday Sale
  • [TLG]  – The Kissing Tree and Ground Flowers@ mainstore

[TLG] – Mainstore and Land



🎧: Opium

Location: The Looking Glass

Rendez vous


🎧: Rendezvous

[TLG]- The Encounter Chairs –  PG and ADULT  3 colours.

PG and ADULT – 20 x single female sit – 20 x single male sits – 15 x standing couple kisses – 18 x couple cuddles.

[TLG]- Glam Poppy, includes: coffee table, hall table, wall art, shimmering curtains, round rugs, wall clock, floral bust planter and new plants.

The Looking Glass releases for Swank Event March 2018

Location: TLG sim